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Registration of Patents


APL IP attorneys provide advice, assistance, prepare and file applications for the registration on the following area of Intellectual property:-

What is a Patent?
A patent for an invention is grant of exclusive rights to make, use and sell the invention for a limited period of 20 years. The patent grant excludes others from making, using, or selling the invention. Patent protection does not start until the actual grant of a patent.
A patent cannot be obtained on a mere idea or suggestion. Patent applications are examined for both technical and legal merit.

Patentable Inventions in Pakistan
In order to be patentable an invention should have the following characteristics:-
(i) the invention is new.
(ii) It involves an inventive step.
(iii) It is capable of industrial application.
(iv) it should not be contrary to law or morality.

Procedure for obtaining Patent
Varieties of Patents

Four kinds of Patents are granted under the Patents Ordinance, which are as follows:

        An ordinary patent, which is dated as of the official date of the application for the patent

        A black/mail box application relating to chemical products intended for use in agriculture and medicines. The application will be kept dormant until 31st December 2004

        A patent claiming "Priority", which is dated as of the official date of the corresponding application for patent first made in a country which is the member of WTO (World Trade Organisation)

        A patent of addition, for improvement or modification of an invention for which a patent has already been applied for or granted


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Outline of the Procedure
Steps for obtaining a patent are as follows:

        Filing the "Application", accompanied by either a Provisional or a Complete Specification

        Filing the Complete Specification, if the Specification filed with the Application was a Provisional Specification

        Examination and acceptance of application by the Patent Office

        Overcoming opposition, if any, to the grant of patent

        Sealing the patent


A Patent application must be accompanied by prescribed fee and the specification filed with the application should contain a reasonable description of the invention.


Patents laws of Pakistan

        Patents Ordinance

        Patents Rules


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