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Real Estate

Real estate business is progressing rapidly in Pakistan; APL provides legal advice to following commercial, industrial and residential businesses.


Our team is able to advise on:

       Land development purchase and sale planning

       Agricultural lands purchase and sale

       Agricultural lands leasing

       Buying and selling houses

       Buying and selling flats/apartments

       Renting and letting houses/flats/apartments

       Collection and handling of deposit

       Collection of rent

       Managing repairs

       New-build houses/apartments

       Property valuation

       Tenancy agreements

       Sale and purchase of small businesses

       Transfer of property by act of parties

       Transfer of property (Movable or Immovable, Tangible or Intangible

       Sale, lease mortgage

       Property and Exchange, Gifts and all kinds of Claims regarding Property, Accession,

       Occupancy Rights, Vested Interests, Contingent Interest and Conditional Transfer.


For further information on our real estate services please contact us on 0092 (52) 4264120 or by email at




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