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International Services

Asia pacific lawyers provide comprehensive legal advice to businesses investing, trading or operating outside their country of origin. This may be Pakistan businesses dealing outside the Pakistan, or it may be foreign businesses operating in the Pakistan.

Our international services typically involve the following areas:-

Foreign companies and Pakistani Subsidiaries

      International Intermediary services

      International trading consulting/Sourcing services

      Import and Export Agent's Services

      Business planning and innovative ideas

      Business Sector and project planning

      Managing services for foreign importers

      Marketing planning

      International E-commerce

      International Mergers and Acquisitions

      Multinational corporate structures

      International dispute resolution

      Agency Agreements

      Importing and exporting goods and services

      conducting market entry of feasibility studies

      Establishment of a company and registration

      International inward and outward Investment

      International agency services pertaining to court and tribunal services

      International arbitration services in relation to business disputes

      International registration of trade mark, copy rights, designs and patents

      Company Acquisitions

      Joint venture

      Intellectual properties and royalties

      International trading

      Internet trading and use of the internet in general

      Human resources, employment and labor law    

      Distribution agreements

      Business immigration and emigration

For further information on our international services please contact us on 0092 (52) 4264120 or by email at




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