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APL Incentive for Importers

Recovery of outstanding business contractual money in Pakistan

Asia pacific lawyers is launching an incentive for importers to recover their outstanding business contractual money in Pakistan. In order to recover outstanding money Asia pacific lawyers is determined to provide the following:-

§         Non completion of any business contract/order

§         Non performance of a full or any part of business contract

§         Recover of sample money, i.e. samples have been shipped but the sample amount has not been paid

§         Recovery of any money which is part of a business contract between the  importer and exporter

§         Arbitration services in relation to contractual disputes between local exporter and foreign importer

If you are financially or contractually affected by any exporter company, firm, enterprise, association based in Pakistan Please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to recovery your money using all the available legal sources in Pakistan.

If you have queries Please feel free to contact us on 0092-52-4264120 or email us at

Asia Pacific Lawyers

Mr. Akbar Ali Ansari Advocate

Managing Partner (APL)


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