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ASIA PACIFIC LAWYERS is a Prominent, Specialist and Leading business Law & Immigration firm in Sialkot Pakistan which provides Professional, efficient, & Cost effective legal & business services to its valued clients based locally and Internationally.

The law firm has  massive expertise & experience in a wide range of Focus Areas for example, Business Corporate, Company & Commercial, Banking  and Finance, Breach of Contract Litigation, Business Debt Recovery, Company Formation, Investment Consultancy, Drafting & Vetting of Contracts, Retainer Agreements, International Services, International Dispute Resolution, Taxation, Conveyancing, Injunctions, Declarations, Defamation, Libel, & Malicious Prosecution, Landlord and Tenant, Consumer Rights, Writ Petitions, Specific performance of Contracts, Succession Certificates, Partnership, Trade Mark, Logo, Patent, Industrial Designs, Website Name & Copy Right Registration, Real Estate, Certified Translation, Divorce litigation, Maintenance of Wife  & Children, and Custody of Minors, Appointment of Guardian for Person & Property, Court Marriages and Child Adoption in Pakistan for overseas prospective adoptive parents.

The dedicated and proactive team of seasoned Lawyers is Specialist in Pre & Post Arrest Bail Petitions, Habeas Corpus, and Criminal Trials for both defence & Prosecution sides. The Law firm also provides a full range of an Agency Services for Business and Private individuals. In addition, the firm provides free legal aid for foreign prisoners and legal apprenticeship training to fresh law graduates.

Immigration U K
Immigration Australia
Immigration Canada
Commercial litigation
Banking and Finance
Intellectual property
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Civil litigation
Criminal litigation
Family law
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Entrance test
Universities and Colleges
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 Company Acquisitions
 Joint ventures
 International trading
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Buying / selling Houses
Renting and letting
Collection of rent
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 Court Representation
 Tribunal Representation
 Case Management
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Income tax
Company Registration
Internal Audit service
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